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Our Lifestyle Plan

Customized To You

  • Mind-Body Weight Wellness Program

    Every week
    A personalized journey of holistic changes to mindset, meals & movement. For lasting transformation.
    Valid for 24 weeks
    • Individualized Assessments; Forms & Questionnaires
    • Mindful Tracking; Enhance Self-Awareness of Habits
    • Overcoming Barriers: identify & plan to breakdown obstacles
    • Mind-Body Education: mindset, emotions, nutrition & activity
    • Empowered Nutrition Education: customized, calories/macro
    • Physical Activity Education: customized, level & preference
    • Holistic & Personalized Approach: Mental & Physical Wellness
    • Regular Check-Ins: assess progress, problems, offer support
    • Accountability Framework: establish measures/commitment
    • Biofeedback Integration: educate & monitor for adjustments
    • Accessible Coaching: 24/7 guidance, inspiration, support
    • Adaptive Programming: accommodate changing needs & progress
    • Community Support: access to other likeminded inspirations
    • Resource Richness: reference guides, tools, tips, tricks
    • Goal Collaboration: setting & review aligning w/ outcomes

For Convenience: All of Our Plans Feature Auto-Payments for the Duration of The Program Selected!

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